The World Belongs to Girls Who Hustle

girls who hustle

It happens all the time. Maybe it’s your friend, maybe it’s your coworker, or maybe it’s you. They talk a big game about the job they’ll have, the money they’ll make, that book they’ll write, yet year after year, they say the same thing: “some day”.

Here’s some not-so-new news: some day never comes. So often we keep ourselves in a negative loop of setting a goal, falling short, disappointing ourselves, and trying to alleviate it by setting harder and less achievable goals. It’s a downward spiral that only leaves us stuck in neutral, feeling as if our big, lofty dreams are just that: fantasies.

Well good news, girlfriend. Today I’m going to show you how to kick that wet blanket to the curb and become the hustlin’ bad babe you were born to be.

What Exactly Is Hustling?

To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. -Bruce Lee

No, hustling is not taking advantage of people or being a charlatan. Rather, hustling is doing whatever it takes to realize your goals. That could mean staying up late, waking up early, taking on a second job, or hiring an assistant. It means trading in gaming time for side gig time.¬† It means waking up an hour earlier to head to the gym. And most importantly, it means taking responsibility for everything¬†that’s in our lives, whether we caused it or not.

Now taking responsibility is not taking blame. Blame goes to who caused a situation. Responsibility goes to who is tasked with changing a situation. Blame is irrelevant for hustlers because they understand that, no matter their past or current circumstances, the future is entirely in their hands.

The Number One Threat to Hustling

The savvy gal knows that playing the blame game doesn’t get you anywhere. And honestly, who cares who’s fault it is? Your dream job, prince charming, or million-dollar business isn’t any closer because your brother stole your money or your dumb coworker doesn’t pull his weight. Which brings us to our second point, the number one Achilles heel to the life of a hustlin’ superbabe: excuses.

There’s no doubt that these are hard times. There are political fiascos all over the world, unprecedented gun violence, a shaky economy, and a host of other problems. It’s easy to blame the economy for your inability to find work. It’s easy to blame your city on your lack of entertainment, friends, or romantic prospects.

These might seem reasonable at first, but the truth is that you can rarely get ahead if you’re just rolling with what life throws at you. We live in an unprecedented amount of wealth and opportunity in the world. Thanks to the internet, you can make millions on your terms, meet your perfect soulmate from anywhere in the world, and learn anything humans have ever discovered, all while sitting in your PJs at home.

The age of excuses is over.

Bad Babes Who Hustled

Oftentimes when we feel stuck in life, it helps to take a page out of another woman’s book. Case in point, legendary first female NASA astronaut Sally Ride.

Not only did she graduate at the top of her class, but Sally double majored in physics and English all while battling awful, sexist biases against her abilities. She beat out over 1,000 fellow applicants for her role that would later maker her the first American woman in space. Later, she continued to tear down stereotypes and doubters alike when she earned her doctorate, became Director at the California Space Institute, and eventually began her own company that encouraged girls and women to pursue their dreams in math and science.

This is one girl who did not let excuses, haters, or even self-doubt keep her from living her fullest, wildest life. One that was fueled by cold, hard hustle.

The Truth About Greatness

So what does her story have to do with yours, or anyone’s really?

The truth is that she, and most great women from history, weren’t preordained for greatness. Most of them didn’t start out as princesses, heiresses, or crazy braniacs. Oprah Winfrey overcame a difficult adolescence rife with abuse to become one of the most influential women of our day. JK Rowling went from a single welfare mom to being even richer than the Queen herself.

Clearly these women weren’t given any special advantages. They worked overtime, braved rejection, believed in themselves and their dreams, and did what it took to make them come to life. Even on the days where they’d want nothing more than to flop down on the couch and watch another episode of Stranger Things, they pushed on and made it work.

Anybody Can Rise to the Top

If these girls could bootstrap themselves to the top, there is no doubt that you can too. After all, most of us have no absolutely exceptional talents or capabilities, and every single one of use has the same 24 hours in a day.

The point is that even an average girl like you and me can get to the top in all facets of life. We can have the best businesses, friendships, marriages, and bodies. No, I’m not saying that in the Pollyanna, sunshine-and-rainbows sense. It can happen, but it depends on how bad you want it. Are you willing to work 9-5, skip TV, and then work on your side hustle before bed? Are you willing to wake up an hour earlier to hit the gym and kiss that baby weight goodbye?

It’s probably going to involve a lot of uncomfortable change. Your sleep schedule might need to change, your friendships might have to be put on pause for a moment, and you might will feel tired. (PS, if you want to really supercharge your productivity, I’d recommend The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Helped me immensely!)

The point of this is not to discourage or scare you, but actually just the opposite. Once you realize that everything in your life – your job, your income, your weight, your relationships – is in your hands and can be changed at any time, you gain a tremendous sense of freedom. With smart and hard work, you can quite seriously be anybody you want to be. And while there will certainly be setbacks, rejections, bad days, and a (very) long timeline, you will get it.

Hustle on, girl.

What are you doing to take life by the horns? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!



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