#TreatYoself, Blogger: My Friday Favourites to Reward Yourself

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Let’s be honest. Blogging is hard work. Whether it’s social media marketing, writing and editing posts, or launching a new product, there’s never a shortage of work to do. And for most of us, all of that is on top of an already long work day or a day spent wrangling the kids.

And what’s worse is that most people think it’s merely a fluffy hobby!

I think it’s about time we treated ourselves to a little something. Here are my top favs this week to recharge and #treatyoself.

1. This Incredible Foot Peel Mask

Sure, summer might be on the way out, but if your feet are feeling a little less than sandal-ready, then this will blow your mind. Not to get TMI, but the rough skin and calluses literally fall right off. And since you get two treatments for $20, this beats a traditional pedicure twice over. I can’t sing the praises of these little booties enough!


2. Cactus Candles

Can you believe how cute these are?! Besides basically being the cutest things you could possibly decorate your desk with, they can also make memorable gifts for your fellow bloggy friends. Win-win!


3. Photos, Any Time

Equal parts adorable and practical, these little cameras create perfect, instantly-developed photos that you can use to decorate your office or simply remember good times with friends. Bonus points – both the camera and its photos make excellent props for your blog post photos!

4. Be a Unicorn

These lip glosses are one-of-a-kind. If you’ve ever wanted to unleash your inner unicorn, look no further! With colors ranging from this shimmery purple to a magical ivory, your sure to find one that flatters your unique complexion while letting your playful side out.

5. Boss Lady

Never forget who’s boss! 😉

6. Pokemon Desk Buddy

Everybody needs a desk buddy. What could be better than this little cutie who doubles as a planter for your succulents?

7. Rejuvenate Your Face

I have to say this is my favorite facial mask out there right now. Exfoliates, freshens, and gives you back that lovely glow after a day spent in front of the computer screen!

8. Sticker Addict

If you’re a journaling addict like me, you can never have enough stickers. Get this trendy, 35-page sticker book and journal in style. You know you want to. 😉

9. Bathe in Space

This cinnamon-scented bath bomb will not only moisturize the skin, but also turn your bathwater into an incredibly beautiful galaxy-inspired color palette so you can relax in style!

10. Comfy Corgis

How cute are these?! Whether you’re a corgi owner or simply a dog lover, these are sure to be the comfiest and cutest new additions to your wardrobe.


Happy Friday! Lots of love.

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