How to Take Pinnable Flat-Lay Pics Like a Pro

It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the greatest sources of traffic for many bloggers (especially if you have a Pinterest manager – wink, wink) . But with it being a visual-based social media platform, it’s critically important that your pins draw attention and get people to click. Best way to do that? With eye-catching, unique photography that you take yourself. Not a photographer? No problem! Today we’ll go over how to take stunning flat-lay pics that will skyrocket your blog’s social media game in no time.

Pinterest Inside Secrets

No matter what your photography skills look like, there are certain tips that, implemented correctly, will give you a boost no matter what. Here are some of the top tips:

  • Warm colors (like red, pink, orange, and yellow) tend to perform better than cooler colors (like blue, violet, or green). While you shouldn’t forsake your brand’s overall color scheme, try throwing in a few complimentary warm colors and see if that moves the needle at all.
  • Bold colors tend to do better than earth-tone or pastel colors.
  • Long, vertical pins tend to do better than square or horizontal pins. Try for minimum dimensions of 735 x 1102 px.
  • Add text. Many people notice an uptick in engagement and views when they include text on their graphics.
  • If including people, you should know that pins that don’t include faces performed better. So maybe focus on the body or back of head.

Consider Your Content

Now that you have a leg up on creating attractive pins, it’s time to consider just what you’ll be making a flat-lay of! Depending on what your blog’s overall message is, you might need to choose some very specific items to be part of your flat-lay photo. Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose the colors, textures, shapes, and materials for your photo:

  • What is your blog’s niche? Is it a fashion blog?  Food? Organization? Marketing? Consider what knick-knacks and details do you have lying around that could add to the interest of your flat-lay.
  • What overall tone does your blog convey? Sophisticated? Playful? Serene? Girly? What colors and textures could reflect that?

Example Elements

Still not sure what the perfect pic elements might be? Here are some popular and easy go-to items to throw in to your flat-lay:

  • nail polishes
  • shoes
  • flowers
  • pens
  • journals
  • books
  • scarves or rugs
  • earrings or necklaces
  • cameras
  • hats
  • makeup
  • succulents
  • maps
  • instant photos

Photography Basics

So you’ve got your doodads, you’ve got your colors and text picked out, and now there’s just one thing left to do: actually take the photo! Let’s go over some pointers to help take pin-worthy flat-lays.

Natural Lighting

Typically the best condition to take photos is under natural but indirect sunlight. Try to make sure that the light source is coming from the side rather than directly behind or in front, since the light source is softer that way.


Your background can contribute a lot to the overall feel of your flat-lay. Oftentimes a simple sheet of printer paper will work for a smaller photos, a sheet of scrapbooking paper, a tile of granite, a fur rug, a plate, or any other background material you feel will make your other elements pop and match the overall feel of your photograph.

Get a Flawless Look Every Time

As a Floridian, it’s not often that we have a completely sunny day. But just because it’s gloomy out doesn’t mean we can’t have a perfect photo setup! Try making your own easy, cheap light box with these instructions.

iPhone Tips

You don’t need a $3000 camera to take high-quality photos! Turns out your iPhone has everything you need to make quality photos if you know how to use it. Here are some pointers on using your default camera like a pro:

  • Place your finger on the “focus” area for your photo until a gold square appears. This will sharpen that area into focus.
  • Try using your camera’s default 9-square grid to help you structure your photo in an aesthetically pleasing way. For the iPhone, this can be turned on by going to the Settings menu.
  • Use apps such as VSCO, Aviary, or even Instagram to help balance the saturation, color, tone, and other items to really make your image pop.
  • Use a program such as Canva or PicMonkey to turn your image into an eye-catching pin.

So there you have it! Now you’re totally ready to up your Pinterest or Instagram strategy and start driving massive traffic to your blog.

Have any other insider tips on how to take those coveted flat-lay pics? Be sure to share below!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

xoxo Tabitha

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