How to Bullet Journal Like a Pro

I’m an organized person. Like, really organized. From my morning routine to my sleep schedule, I feel there’s a certain sense of zen that comes with having everything in its place (and matching). Throw in my love for stickers, glitter, and all things colorful, and it was no surprise that my heart skipped a beat when I saw my first bullet journal. After all, I was running myself ragged with all the other organizational tools I had – a wall calendar, Google calendar, and sticky notes on just about every surface. Finally – something to keep it all in place […]

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My 2017 In Review: A Year of Extremes and New Beginnings

So Whew, what a year! Maybe it’s the leaps in personal growth or maybe it’s the rocky political climate here in America, but 2017 felt like perhaps the longest, most transformative year of my life. It was no doubt a year of extreme highs and extreme lows. There have been times of soul-shattering sadness and times of unprecedented clarity and peace. And with such great extremes and so much progress, the end of the year makes for a great time to reflect and process while planning key goals for 2018. A Snapshot of 2017 Previously, sometimes from busyness and sometimes […]

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How to Make a Five-Year Plan That Gets Results

“What would you do if you had a million dollars?” Whether at a job interview, a date, or in those late-night talks among friends, it’s a question we’ve all heard a million times before. We laugh lightly about the luxury cars we’ll drive as we pull into the driveway of our mansion by the sea in some exotic country. We’ll lounge about under the sun as our own personal butlers bring us frozen margaritas by the glistening pool. But is that really what you want? Chances are that, if you’re like most people, literally doing nothing all day isn’t actually […]

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How to Kill Bad Habits for Good

Let’s face it. We all have some habits we could (or should) do without. From something as small as nail biting to something as agonizing as a drinking or eating problem, sometimes it can seem like a life without this awful habit is far beyond reach. You go a week without and, just as you’re feeling proud of yourself, you cave in. How can you shake this once and for all? See the Big Picture How often have you found yourself bound and determined to make a change – say, exercising five times a week, quitting drinking, or losing ten […]

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Thriving on as Little As 4 Hours of Sleep a Day with Polyphasic Sleep

Imagine you’re offered a time machine – one that gives you more time every day. In one day, you’ll get four more hours. In one month, that’s five whole days. In one year, that’s two whole months. Would you take it? For the past month, I’ve given myself such a time machine in the form of polyphasic sleeping. What does that mean, exactly? Polyphasic sleep is just as it sounds – sleeping in more than one phase, as most of us have done for our whole lives. Nowadays, I only sleep for about four hours daily, in three phases (known […]

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July 2017 Goals

And just like that, July 2017 is already here. Whether it’s the near-constant summer showers or the stressful political climate, it seems time has been dragging along and taking my focus with it! I’ll be honest – last month wasn’t my most on-par month. But as I always say, you learn more from your failures than your successes! Let’s start with a quick review of last month and what takeaways we can find from the failures. June Review Health and Fitness Diet: While I did lose 2 lbs, I did not hit the 5 lb goal. I’m not over worried […]

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Master Your Mornings: How to Build a Productive Morning Routine That Sticks

How to build a productive morning routine that sticks

Ah, mornings. Why is it that some people hate them and others hop out of bed with a pep in their step, ready to take on the world? The truth is not in innate ability or in “not being a morning person” – it’s that the happy early risers choose to make mornings their bitch. Is it really that simple? Yes. The power lies in deciding that you will have an incredible morning. One that sets you up for a day of infectious joy, unstoppable productivity, and limitless energy for the rest of the day. Our habits are our lives […]

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10 Things Unsuccessful People Do

10 Things Unsuccessful People Do - What Habits Successful People Avoid

Here at Master of Herself, we often focus on building the habits that will make us the strongest, most successful and most whole women that we can be. But we can learn just as much from what defines success as we can from what does not define success. We’ve already talked about the qualities top achievers have (here), so what kinds of behaviours do they avoid? What kinds of behaviours lead to mediocrity? 1. Staying in your comfort zone This is absolutely critical to your growth and success. The best opportunities are the ones that make us think in ways […]

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6 Healthy Habits to Start Doing Today – An Infograph

6 Healthy Habits to Start Doing Today Infograph

When you’re first on the path to self-improvement, there can be so much conflicting information that you don’t know where to begin. What kind of basic habits can a person start that will massively improve their situation, no matter where they start out? What if you don’t know what your big, life-changing goals are yet, but you know you need to do something? With that in mind, I made this infograph to help the average gal (or guy!) get some balance in life. These small habits are designed to help open your heart and improve your health. Often when we […]

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The 2-Minute Habit That Changed My Life

How to learn to meditate

How do some people manage to hit the gym 5 times a week, while others struggle to go even once? Why can some people drop weight like crazy while others are in a perpetual war with the scale? Is it willpower? Luck? If I had to place a bet, I’d guess it was strategy. Let me show you what I mean. It all started with 2 minutes every day. I knew from a young age just how powerful a meditation habit could be. Between increasing focus and creativity to lowering anxiety and stress, there’s no reason not to meditate. So […]

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