Office Must-Haves Every Blogger Needs

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As a blogger, your office is a precious space where you’ve spent countless hours building your business and your passion. Why not brighten it up and reward yourself with some new gear?

This Gorgeous Dot-Grid Journal

If you’re a dot-grid journal addict like me, then this will satisfy your craving. Perfect for simple note-taking, editorial calendars, doodles, or anything you might fancy it for.

The Full Shebang

There’s something so relaxing about having matching gear. From stapler to tape dispenser to scissors, you’ll be in rose gold ecstasy.

Keep It Organized

This simple floating shelf has room for all those little odds-and-ends that can make your desk space cluttered. Why not spruce up the room while your clear off some desk space?

Keep Track of Time

More rose gold! You’ll be a matching desk fashionista in no time. 😉

But first …


What’s a blogger without her coffee? And especially with winter coming up, a cozy tumbler is just in time.


It’s true: bloggers wear many hats! Keep all your to-dos managable with this cute (and matching) notepad set!

New Favorite Pen

If you’re on the rose gold train, this badass bejeweled pen is sure to be your next favorite. Suddenly all that planning and writing doesn’t sound so bad anymore!


What about you? What are your favorite little treats to spruce up your office space? Be sure to share in the comments or tweet me!

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