Guerilla Gardening: Fun and Kindness for Under $1

This winter was an especially rough one for my family – two deaths, a health scare in my younger brother, and an increasingly terrifying political situation. Just when it felt like the black cloud would never leave, summer started to roll around to warm my heart again with sunny, cloudless days, new fawns, and my favorite – roadside flowers.

Whether it’s their resilience or simple beauty that inspires me, I couldn’t say. But after reading this interesting post, I couldn’t help but get an idea – to spread that same simple joy to as many people as possible.

Just down the road from my house is a VFW post. For those that aren’t familiar, or perhaps for my non-American readers, this is a gathering place for veterans of foreign wars. My grandfather is a member, and it’s a place I cherish. It’s a joyful place where the old and battle-scarred can feel young again, surrounded by people who love and understand them. And while they always enjoy each other’s company, it’s a group of people that is, I’m sure, prone to loneliness, listlessness, and hurt.

Why not spread the simple joy of natural beauty with them?

Secret flowers for the VFW



Yesterday, in the dead middle of the night, I drove to the VFW with seed packets in hand. At 20 cents per pack, I had enough seeds to perhaps cover the entire property.

Hopefully, the Florida storms will be gentle on these little poppies so that they can surprise and comfort the veterans and other passers-by.

Whether placed by other people or a simple surprise from nature, these summer flowers are, for me, a reminder that t’s so easy to get caught up in the trivialities of life – workloads, drama, and to-do lists – that we overlook what’s most important – enjoying the present moment and all it’s simple, perfect pleasures. And those small pleasures are all the more sweet when we can share it with someone else.

What are you doing to celebrate the summer and share your love?

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