You’re probably here to learn more about the behind-the-scenes regarding my affiliate links. I want to be completely transparent with you about how I earn my income here on Master of Herself, so here is a brief run-down on how that works.

I earn a small portion of every sale that is made through the affiliate links posted on this site. This is at no additional cost to you. So you pay the same as you would purchasing directly from the company, but affiliate links allow me to make a small cut of what you pay. These purchases are greatly appreciated and help me keep this site afloat.

I will never promote something that I have not tried and absolutely adored. I like to think of you as a dear friend and would never rave about something if I didn’t think it could genuinely help you. I wouldn’t sell my reputation or your trust just for a few cents.


I take your privacy seriously and do not retain, store, or sell any information about your visit to this blog.

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