Master Your Mornings: How to Build a Productive Morning Routine That Sticks

How to build a productive morning routine that sticks

Ah, mornings. Why is it that some people hate them and others hop out of bed with a pep in their step, ready to take on the world?

The truth is not in innate ability or in “not being a morning person” – it’s that the happy early risers choose to make mornings their bitch.

Is it really that simple? Yes.

The power lies in deciding that you will have an incredible morning. One that sets you up for a day of infectious joy, unstoppable productivity, and limitless energy for the rest of the day.

Our habits are our lives

As the old saying goes, we are what we repeatedly do (ie, our habits).

This means two things:

If you find yourself constantly anxious, depressed, lonely, etc., it is because of your unintentional physical and mental habits. The key to ending those recurring feelings is to stop those invisible habits.

It also means that you can be happy, attractive, smart, etc. by implementing new habits.

You can change your life with consistent, daily action that compounds over time.

And what better time to make these changes than with an incredible morning routine that sets the tone for an incredible day?

My morning routine

Ideally, your routine shouldn’t be so long that you won’t be able to commit to it, but should be long enough that you’ll be able to make a satisfactory amount of progress towards your personal goals. I definitely have the tendency to overbook myself, so my morning routine focuses on prepping my mind and body. Mornings are, to me, a sacred time to charge my batteries for a busy day.

I am actually a polyphasic sleeper and have many “mornings” in a day, but that’s a story for another day!

Here’s what my routine looks like:

Have a cold glass of water.

I do this immediately after waking at 7am. This alone will wake you up 10x faster than coffee ever can. It’s incredible how quickly your body will return to life after a glass of water first thing in the morning.


I do some light yoga right in my pjs. Don’t fret if you’re not a morning exerciser (I’m sure not) – this yoga is extremely easy and even feels luxurious after a night lying stiff in my bed. I highly recommend the Daily Yoga app for the iPhone for a quick, refreshing stretch first thing in the morning.


Most of us aren’t breathing fully throughout the day, much less when we’re sleeping. Take some time after you first rise to consciously sit and deep breathe without distraction, preferably coupled with meditation. Even meditating for five minutes will do wonders to keep your emotions in check and fill you with an unshakable sense of peace. This one habit alone has changed my life.

Mindfully eat a small breakfast.

Some people can’t stomach food first thing in the morning. I, on the other hand, completely forget until I am nearly ravenous several hours later. What I learned to do was make breakfast a habit so that my body is well-nourished to get me through the day. I find it especially helpful to do after meditation so that I am still in mindfulness-mode and can savor every sacred bite. There are innumerable benefits to consciously tasting your meal, ruminating on its delightful scent, and feeling it nourish your body that you can’t get when you’re zoned out, mindlessly shoveling food into your face.

Plan my day.

As they say, own your day or your day will own you. I spend 10-15 minutes to write out my top priorities and schedule my day.

Review my personal mission statement.

Much like how a business has a mission statement, I’ve made a bit of one for myself. It covers what kind of woman I want to be, my life purpose, and my code of honour. Perhaps a bit of a manifesto. Reviewing this daily reminds me that I can decide to be that woman and live that life if only I work towards it each and every day.

Expand my mind.

One of my top life goals is to become a true renaissance woman – my quest for learning never stops. To that end, I dedicate time every day to learn something new. Whether that be picking up a new language or a new book on a subject I’m completely unfamiliar with, I love seeing what new doors in life will open up from it.


Lately with the summer weather I’ve taken to early-morning swims at the pool. No matter what activity it is, I’d highly recommend finding something that’ll get your body moving to wrap up your morning routine. Not only will the natural high of endorphins get your day off to a great start, but it’ll help manage your weight too!

Your turn!

I complete this most every day and it takes me an average of about If that seems a bit weird or overbooked, that’s totally fine – your morning routine should help you achieve your goals in a way and at a pace that’s appropriate for you. I encourage you to start by looking at the routine you already have and ask yourself if it’s helping or hindering your progress. What can you take away? Depressing news stories, wasteful social media surfing? What can you add? Meditation, a healthy breakfast?

And like I said earlier, most of these habits are formed with daily, consistent action. Challenge yourself to create a powerful morning routine and follow through on it for a week straight.

See if any adjustments need to be made and then do a 30-day challenge.

I guarantee that if you create a great routine and commit to the process, you will see results.

If you commit to it for a year, you won’t recognize yourself.

What does your new routine look like? Be sure to share below!



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