The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your 2018 Vision Board

Once considered the realm of woo-woo hippies, vision boards are finally starting to gain the widespread esteem they deserve. Part creative project, part high-voltage visualization, vision boards are one of the easiest ways to add steam to those B.H.A.G.s you have set for 2018. Today we’re going to go over how you can make a powerful vision board of your own.

What is a Vision Board?

Of course, we can’t this off without clarifying what a vision board is!

A vision board is a collage, whether physical or electronic, of images, quotes, and any other visual that inspires the creator towards a certain goal. They are usually placed somewhere where the creator can view it often, since visualization can be an important part of creating a successful mindset.

Basically, a vision board involves putting your dreams on paper in a tangible way. And as they say, what you focus on grows. Having a consistent visual reminder of your goals keeps them at the top of your mind so they don’t fall behind in day-to-day life.

In fact, looking over my vision board is part of the morning routine I do daily before starting my day. I attribute this simple 5-10 minute habit to a lot of what I have brought into my life this year, from a consistent exercise habit to starting my blog to starting my own business.

How to Create Your 2018 Vision Board

With that clarified, let’s start going over how you can build your powerful 2018 vision board.

As with most projects, you have to start off prepared. Your vision board will only be as effective as the vision you put into it. So, as you might expect, simply putting random, emotionally indifferent photos and quotes will do nothing to get you closer to your goals. If you don’t know what you want, or if you’re really unclear on what you want, it’s a fairly pointless exercise.

So if you really want to squeeze the juice out of creating a vision board, the first step is to understand your deepest dreams with laser-like focus. For me, I usually start by looking at how this year turned out (as I did in this post) and analyzing what areas of my life wheel need attending to. Did I neglect my health this year? Did I work too much, letting my recreational goals slip? Are there any areas of my relationships that need changing?

By the end of that, there will usually be several clear goals that I could work on in the upcoming year. Sometimes so many come up that it can get overwhelming!

Instead, I try to use the old 80/20 trick. What 2-3 pieces of the life wheel will, if improved, give me the most happiness and health for my buck?

Likewise, before whipping out the glue and scissors, I’d encourage you to sit down and dig into your deepest dreams for the upcoming year. If you could only choose 2-3 things to have by next January, what would they be?

And don’t hold back! Imagine that you have a magic pen. Everything you write down will come true within the next 12 months. What will you ask for?

Making your 2018 vision board

Making Your Vision Board

On to the juicy part! Here is where we actually put our feet to the pavement (or glue to board, rather) and begin putting the pieces together.

But, like most things, there are many ways to skin a cat. Here the question is – do you want a physical vision board that you can hold, touch, and hang, or do you want an electronic one that can be more easily edited and touted around more secretly? The answer depends on your own personal preferences, but here are some things to consider for each.


Most traditional vision boards are physical, being made of pen, paper, glue, or other hand-held items. The advantage of physical vision boards is that they are typically easier to see frequently -a key component in creating a vision board that sticks. They can give a bit more wiggle room for creativity, allowing you to put glitter, mementos, and other personal touches. And the more “heart” you put into creating your vision board, the better. However, many people like to keep their boards private. Whether it’s for fear of mockery or otherwise getting “found out,” many people stray away from physical boards and opt for their electronic counterparts.

Here are some ways to make a physical board:

  • With a traditional poster board, magazine cutouts, and glue
  • Within your bullet journal with magazine cutouts, printed Internet photos, stickers, and washi tape
  • In a sketchbook, with quotes, printed images, paints, glitter, and a glue stick
  • On a cork board, with cute matching pins and printed or magazine images
  • On a white board, with fun magnets and momentos


These days, there’s an electronic counterpart to just about everything, from books to calendars and courses and more. Why can’t you do the same with your vision board? If you’re a Photoshop, GIMP, or even Canva fanatic, your vision board can even have more possibilities than their physical counterparts in terms of cool designs and effects. Not one for editing and adding to pictures? No problem! With Pinterest, you can simply create a private (or public) board to collect a variety of inspiring pictures, quotes, and other odds and ends.

Here are some ways to make an electronic board:

  • On a secret board on Pinterest
  • As a Canva collage you have saved to your desktop
  • Saved as a Photoshop or GIMP image you view frequently
  • As an edited image you use for your desktop or smartphone background

What to put on your 2018 vision board

What Do I Put On My Vision Board?

You know what you want. You know what method you want to use. Now you just need to know what to put on the dang thing!

Enter our old friend, Google image search. Start by entering any keywords that come to mind when you think about that goal you want to achieve. What will it look like when you achieve that? What about that goal is emotionally charged for you? This will be different for each person, so don’t be afraid to make it uniquely your own!

For example, let’s say one of your major goals is to find a compatible partner – one you’d like to spend your life with. What about the idea of marriage is exciting or meaningful to you? A big, beautiful wedding? Someone to support you and share your days with? Or maybe the heart is in the little details – someone to spoon or a ring on your finger. What for you says marriage in a way that tugs on your heart strings? Those are the images you should seek out.

Like I said, this is for your eyes only, so choose whatever works for you. The emotions that come up are more important than the images themselves.

Vision Board Inspiration

Not quite sure what to throw in there? Here are some ideas:

  • Glitter
  • Magazine cutouts
  • Paints or color swatches
  • Makeup swatches
  • Quotes
  • Encouraging or sweet text messages, letters, or emails from friends
  • Any of the above correspondences you would like to someday receive from a lover, friend, or other significant person
  • A make-believe bank statements reflecting your ideal income
  • A picture of your dream house/car/etc.
  • A picture of that place you really, really want to see
  • A mockup of the cover of that book you’re going to write
  • A picture of your dream body
  • A list of all your dream mate’s positive qualities
  • Affirmations

Putting It All Together

Now that you have your images and other odds and ends collected, it’s time for the fun part – putting it all together. Set aside 1-2 hours of uninterrupted time to make your collage just right for you. Put on some music, light some candles, or turn on a fun movie in the background – whatever helps you get into the right frame of mind as you put these images together. Really take a moment to sit back and imagine that the things you’re wishing for have already happened and feel deep gratitude for it. Remember, you have that magic pen! 🙂


Even if you chose the perfect images, it can be hard for a vision board to take full effect without seeing it frequently. Remember, it’s the repetitive visualization that makes these so powerful. With that in mind, it’s important to keep your board somewhere where you know you’ll see it frequently.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your office, right above your monitor
  • In the bathroom, on the opposite wall from the toilet
  • On the back of your bedroom door
  • In your closet
  • Beside your mirror in the bathroom
  • In your bullet journal or other planner
  • On your refrigerator door
  • On the inside of your pantry door
  • Photographed and made into your screensaver or smartphone background

Ultimately, no one of these is better than the rest. Think about where you spend the most time and place it somewhere prominent there.

Moving Forward with Your Vision Board

And just like that, you’ve got yourself a beautiful vision board. But don’t leave everything up to good vibes and the law of attraction! Start making a plan to get those goals accomplished and make it happen.

Over time, you’ll start knocking those goals out one by one and you might find that your vision board is no longer relevant. Try to revisit your board every few months to add or adjust the contents.

Or if you’re a busy bee who has rapidly changing goals like me, you might find that a more flexible vision board better suits you. Using a cork board and thumbtacks or a secret Pinterest board lets you update your board frequently without having too many “oopsies” moments.

And with that, we’re ready for the new year! What are some of the things you’re including on your vision board? What kind of B.H.A.G.s are you tackling in 2018? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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